• Queen Anne's Lace Forger Me Not

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    Queen Anne's Lace and a blue Forget Me Not flower make up this whimsical portrait framed in a gold overlay charm pendant with an adjustable chain that runs from 16 - 18 inches in length.

    Blue Forget Me Not traditionally this flower represents remembrance, they also carry several other meanings including true love, devotion, and royalty 

    Queen Anne's Lace features delicate, lace-like flowers, it is associated with beauty, and many women added the flower to their baths in hopes of attracting love. Because the flower is sometimes referred to as “bishop's flower,” it symbolizes safety, sanctuary, and refuge.

    Legend has it that Queen Anne's lace is said to be named after Queen Anne herself. Queen Anne was well versed in lacemaking. One day while sewing she pricked herself with a needle. A drop of blood fell unto her lace, leaving a single dark purple floret in the center of the flower.